Cutting the Sky at Midnight

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Amazing things can happen when you go outside at midnight with a stick. Chalkstone river bluffs, a meteor, a deer appears and stomps its hoof at me, an animal that sounds like a flute, and I keep waving the stick around cutting the sky.

Secret Blackberries

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After a session running around with the boh, at the point where I feel tired and free, I walk over to the blackberries I found at the end of running eiko (cutting the sky). I pick three of them and eat each one as if it’s the last blackberry ever. A lot of energy from a blackberry.  

Shintaido Demo at the Japan Festival, West Hartford, CT

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A pleasure to participate in the Japan Festival this weekend with longtime friends and Shintaido practitioners. The video shows a some of our movements, and ways we use them to connect with others and with nature — central themes in Shintaido. It was my first time wearing the hakama, the multi-pleated pants worn by instructor-level practitioners — grateful for help from instructors … Read More