Mandalas from fallen leaves…

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acorn berry mandala

I was inspired by an article in the Boston Globe this morning about flower farmer Melissa Glorieux, who creates mandalas from leaves, twigs, and other things found in the woods. Great idea! There are so many visually interesting things on a walk (or run) through the woods.  I noticed some little red berries on the ground on the walk out to my … Read More

Experiment: Doing Taimyo Kata Meditation in the aisle at Walmart

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There’s a moving meditation developed in Shintaido a decade (or two) ago called “Taimyo Kata”.  It involves a ten to fifteen minute sequence of relaxed and deliberate steps, reaching motions, and, my favorite, a section where you hold your hands together over your head and slowly bring them down across your face and chest.  In my mind, it’s as if … Read More

Chasing the Butterfly with my Bo Staff

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chasing butterfly sketch

Chasing a butterfly with my bo staff — the sudden almost random movements of the butterfly make me quickly change my body in response. Hikari (soft energetic play) with a butterfly. (Don’t worry, I’m not attacking butterflies, I’m playing with them).