Shintaido Demo at the Japan Festival, West Hartford, CT

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A pleasure to participate in the Japan Festival this weekend with longtime friends and Shintaido practitioners. The video shows a some of our movements, and ways we use them to connect with others and with nature — central themes in Shintaido. It was my first time wearing the hakama, the multi-pleated pants worn by instructor-level practitioners — grateful for help from instructors … Read More

Becoming a digital me…

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From my Shintaido adventures in Quebec a couple weeks ago, I tried out the digitizing bodysuit, testing it out for Bruno Bernier’s game project.  (It’s the stretchy suit we’ve seen with the white orbs pasted around the body so the 24 cameras can track your movement).  One thought: it’s pretty fascinating to see your movement tracked and transformed this way. … Read More

Shintaido International 2012: a few notes

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I just returned from the largest, most significant Shintaido event I’ve been to, held July 3-6 at Sonoma State University north of San Francisco. To set the context: Shintaido is a living, growing martial art, one whose founder and many early practitioners are still alive. We had the rare opportunity to both witness and participate in the development of the … Read More

Extending our reach: cutting the sky

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Last week, we continued our exploration of the boh — what it feels like to work with it and some simple movements to warm up with. One theme we started to explore was “cutting.” Cutting is one of the basic themes in Shintaido, and you can do it a number of ways: with the boh, with the bokutoh (wooden sword), … Read More