The Collie Puppy Wanted to Play

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About 20 years ago a little collie puppy ran up to me at this spot in Monotomy Rocks Park and wanted to play. I smiled but didn’t want to trouble the owner. It’s taken me a while, but now I’m ready to play.

Getting Unstuck Haiku 5/17/20

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Seeds stuck to the core / the wind blowing and blowing / someday they’ll let go (Notes: Sometimes I feel like the seed, attached so tightly I’m stuck. The wind is blowing, I see other seeds flying in the breeze, and wonder if I can fly too. Maybe it happens quietly in the night when no one is watching).

Sky-ku 5/16/20

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the morning blessing — to lift your hands to the sky / and watch clouds roll by (Notes: There is something so reassuring about watching clouds move in the sky. It doesn’t take long — I just look at them for five seconds or more, and their motion sinks in to my body. A peaceful and relaxed feeling, connected to … Read More