Fit Yoga Magazine Shoot

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While we’re still in the month of March, I have to mention there’s a photo of me in the current issue of Fit Yoga magazine, demonstrating Shintaido, which I’ve been practicing for about 15 years. (In the magazine, I’m in the background on a Cape Cod beach, swinging a 6 foot staff called a “boh” over my head).

What’s the connection to media in museums? We live in a culture where people don’t get enough physical activity. Media plays a large role: too much sitting in front of the tv, a computer, or a video game. This lack of activity is a cause of poor health for adults and for children.

Are there ways we can use media to encourage more physical activity among families? We should always build into our media programs a “next step” – get visitors to step away from the computer when they’re done, walk through a local park with their family, do a nature drawing of a chipmunk. Anything that gets families out into the real world.

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