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I’m in San Diego for the Museums and the Web conference.  Given that I’m on east coast time and will be waking up 3 hours earlier than the morning scheduled events, figured I’d do a little Shintaido in a park on the edge of the hotel property with a nice view of the water.

If you’re here at the conference, feel free to come try it out.  We’ll do a few gentle jumps to wake up, some energizing stretching,  and focus on “cutting the sky” with a 4 foot jo staff (I brought a few extras).  We’ll meet at 7:30 am for half an hour to 45 minutes.

Directions: from inside the Sheraton: Walk out the poolside door (opposite the main entrance) and then turn right.  Walk past the Lanai Pool until you come to a tall chain link fence.  We’ll meet in the park on the other side of the fence (walk to the right to get around it) at 7:30.  Catch me at the event tonight if you have questions. (I’m easy to spot — usually the tallest guy in the room).

If you’d like more info on Shintaido, check out the links in the “About” section here…


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