Making my own boh staff at Artisan’s Asylum makerspace

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I’ve been hanging out at Artisan’s Asylum, largest makerspace on the East Coast, off and on for the last eight months or so. 40,000 square feet of tools, studios and workshops, including woodworking, electronics, metalsmithing, 3D printing…the amazing list of upcoming classes here. I was drawn there for access to woodworking tools in my quest to create my own Shintaido boh staff. … Read More

the keiko where we ended up in the pond…

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…Wonderful keiko with Joe Zawielski at historic Trout Brook…trails, a heron, moon behind clouds, and the pond where we all ended up… (Splashing around in the water with the community of friends I’ve come to know over years, going out for dinner after…I’ll post some photos below in the “read more…” link, chasing each other around the field before the dip in the … Read More

Becoming a digital me…

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From my Shintaido adventures in Quebec a couple weeks ago, I tried out the digitizing bodysuit, testing it out for Bruno Bernier’s game project.  (It’s the stretchy suit we’ve seen with the white orbs pasted around the body so the 24 cameras can track your movement).  One thought: it’s pretty fascinating to see your movement tracked and transformed this way. … Read More

An experiment: listening to trees

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After the Shintaido International 2012 event, I have a couple themes running in my mind: connecting (or unifying) with nature, and developing my own meaningful practices to do this. And, following the event, we had an nice informal keiko (practice) led by Clélie Dudon focusing on listening to our partners. There’s a jumping exercise we do in Shintaido (tachi jump), palm … Read More

Shintaido International 2012: a few notes

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I just returned from the largest, most significant Shintaido event I’ve been to, held July 3-6 at Sonoma State University north of San Francisco. To set the context: Shintaido is a living, growing martial art, one whose founder and many early practitioners are still alive. We had the rare opportunity to both witness and participate in the development of the … Read More

Intro Shintaido at Museums and the Web

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I’m in San Diego for the Museums and the Web conference.  Given that I’m on east coast time and will be waking up 3 hours earlier than the morning scheduled events, figured I’d do a little Shintaido in a park on the edge of the hotel property with a nice view of the water. If you’re here at the conference, … Read More

Shintaido/Tae Kwon Do Exchange

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I attended a special keiko in Millbury tonight held in conjunction with the Tae Kwon Do class taught by Rick Barrett. Roger Solomon arranged for the joint class, and Joe Zawielski taught. It was very interesting to see Shintaido through the eyes of other martial artists — made me appreciate what we have going.  During one partner practice, I was … Read More

Boh at night: knocking down the stars

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Last month, during the Perseid meteor shower, I decided to take my boh out to the lake at night to do a practice called “knocking down the stars.”  Basically, as I understand it, you raise the boh in tenso (vertically overhead) and slowly begin making circles in the sky with the end of the boh. And so it goes…five minutes, … Read More