Playing with a weak little love beam…

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When I feel out of sorts, I take it to the stick. Run around the lake trails with the jo staff…practicing sword movement, sometimes till I’m exhausted, alternating with relaxation and breathing near the pond. That combination of active/relaxed makes an impression on my body that I can feel long after.

I’ve been trying something new the last few days. After busy museum projects pre-occupied me, suddenly I was in a quiet place feeling a bit sad. In the midst of this, appreciated the Freedrum circle Saturday, where someone brought up the special occasion — drumming under a new moon, and the love directed to us all under the dark sky.

Could this be? Are there beams of love directed down to me? I liked it. And why not? I don’t understand the world that well, and whether it’s a spiritual perspective, family, nature, what is the harm in looking for love beams? Though the beams coming down on me aren’t that strong — they’re not blinding me or stopping me in my tracks. They’re more subtle, maybe weak.

But I kind of like it that way — I have to relax myself and seek them out. So if I’m thinking of something that makes me sad, I stop and relax, and start searching…where is that weak little beam now? A few moments…sensing…something there.


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