Things you can see when you run with a stick…

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Obviously I’m a big fan of using simple tools (like a stick) to expand our connection to nature when we exercise. But the stick is only part of it. There’s a whole other side to exercising in nature (rather than a gymn) — there’s so much to see.

The changes in landscapes, new things growing up over time, the sun and sunsets. I remember looking down at the ground at the midpoint in my run, after I had just played around with the bo staff for a while pretending I was a wobbly scarecrow — and there, down by my feet, a bright little ladybug. So red against the brown dry grass.

Here are a few shots from my favorite running trails — the restorative place back home looking over the Missouri River.


  • red shoe
  • bo and hawk
  • flowers on cliff
  • Dry land
  • bo and field
  • Illuminated Feather
  • hay bale
  • ladybug
  • thistle cu
  • bo and lake
  • yellow leaf
  • purple flower

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