The traveling poet: “Cutting Sky”

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The highlight of my day: coming across a poet-for-hire GennaRose Nethercott at the District Hall anniversary celebration tonight…I showed her this photo of me playing with jo staff and sky, and in about 3 minutes or less, she typed up this free verse poem:

Cutting Sky

Take up your sword,
felled from a tree which grew
into the swelling earth. Above:
a canvas. A swath of blue paper.
Slice it open like an envelope.
Inside you may find a letter
written to you by the dawn.
Your hands are precise, skilled
at peeing an apple
in one long strip–
& so too, do you unfurl
each leaf of firmament, stick
in your grasp, connecting earth
to sky with your motion.

by GennaRose Nethercott

(I especially like the image of slicing open the sky and finding a letter…and nails it on “connecting earth to sky” — connecting heaven and earth is an image built into Shintaido. I can often find energy by reaching up to the sky, or relax by sinking down to the earth. Inspires me to try some free verse sometime)

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