Quarantine Social Life Haiku, 3/22/20

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Such a firm body / reaching high and still rooted — time to hug a tree (Notes: what can I say? We’re all so social and connected, and suddenly from nowhere, in person-connection pulled from our days. Yes, we find ways to connect, doing a lot of dance on Zoom, happy hours with friends connected electronically in our separate homes. … Read More

Haiku 3/22/10

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Still running through woods / but with social distancing / from my own shadow (Notes: I was struck by the shadow of my own head on the small tree in the foreground as I was running by. My own shadow in the deep woods — a lot of material for poetry in there. We hear the phrase “social distancing” so … Read More

Haiku 2/16/20

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they’re still coming up / ignoring all quarantine / their emerald glow (Notes: this is one of my favorite things in springtime — to see the sun light up leaves in an emerald glow. I’ve written about it before and will write again…(https://travelswithastick.org/jewel-words-shining-in-the-world/ ). But now, especially at this time where the world seems to get more isolated all the … Read More

Haiku 3/13/20

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a break in the clouds / and a chance to go outside / and run with the stick (Notes: this was a few days after it began to dawn on us all how much life would change with coronavirus. This photo is a classic “cutting the sky with sword” exercise we do in Shintaido — “eiko”. It can be exhausting … Read More

Haiku 3/12/20

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all those little waves / made by ducks across the pond / paddling little feet (Notes: It’s the third day now after everything seemed to change: cancellations one after another as we all seemed to collectively realize covid-19 is a major serious threat that will change our lives. And yet…there are those little ducks across the pond, paddling their little … Read More