There goes the man with the stick

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shadow in front of pond with stick

I’m searching for the name for the feeling, when you learn you’ve been admired and anticipated for your daily routines…and had no idea they were even being observed. I was down at Mann’s Pond last week with my staff, as I often am, practicing the sword movements that connect me with abundant nature. (Diamond 8 Cut in Shintaido). A young … Read More

Haiku 5/8/20

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looking for refuge / then just feast your eyes on the / luminous tulip (Notes: I was awestruck when I saw this tulip catching the late afternoon sun. Lit up like a jewel…and not just the tulip, but the green leaves growing from it. I remember Thich Nhat Hahn’s saying: “I take refuge in the present moment.” In times of … Read More

Haiku 3/13/20

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a break in the clouds / and a chance to go outside / and run with the stick (Notes: this was a few days after it began to dawn on us all how much life would change with coronavirus. This photo is a classic “cutting the sky with sword” exercise we do in Shintaido — “eiko”. It can be exhausting … Read More