What’s up with the stick?

People who know me know that I love exercising with a stick. It extends my reach, up to the sky, and with others when we practice together. My own practice is based on Shintaido boh staff, an evolving martial art that grew out of Shotokan karate in Japan about 50 years ago with an emphasis on on group activities, healthful exercise, and connection to nature. I’ll write more about my explorations with the stick here and maybe convince a few others to give exercise with this simple tool a try too.


www.shintaido.org: the Shintaido of America Website. Background info on Shintaido, where to practice, international links. The digital archive of Body Dialogue newsletters dating back to 1986 provies an especially rich chronicle of Shintaido’s development in the US. The photo gallery provides images of recent Shintaido events.

sne.shintaido.org: Shintaido North East website. Where to practice in New England, photos from recent events. Also the Facebook page. If current classes aren’t offered, contact one of the instructors for additional scheduling info.

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    1. Hi Lisa — thanks for asking! Do you use a feed reader to follow blogs? If so, I think the link is: https://travelswithastick.org/feed/. I’ve kind of lost track myself of how people follow blogs…the current scheme seems to be to get on a mailing list and use something like mailchimp to automatically email when there’s a new post…Let me know if you have other methods. Thanks!


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