Haiku 6/15/20

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I forgot the brush — reach to the wide open sky / with an empty hand (Notes: I actually had forgotten my staff, which I often use to cut or brush across the sky as I run through woods and open trails. As I ran from a leafy shaded area around a corner that opens to the sky, I was … Read More

Haiku 6/12/20

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Look up, it’s morning / the beads resting on rained leaves / and the clearing sky (Notes: my porch is a great place to stretch up to the sky in the morning, easy to walk out, lift my arms to the sky for a few minutes. Start the day with a connection to aspiration. And on this fresh morning, rain … Read More

One-third Haiku 5/26/20

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Jump with shiny ferns (It feels good to jump around in the forest. Even better to count and grunt and make deep noises, let the body loose, dangle around, hop up and down…and see a floor of ferns shining in the forest as you bounce around.)

Getting Unstuck Haiku 5/17/20

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Seeds stuck to the core / the wind blowing and blowing / someday they’ll let go (Notes: Sometimes I feel like the seed, attached so tightly I’m stuck. The wind is blowing, I see other seeds flying in the breeze, and wonder if I can fly too. Maybe it happens quietly in the night when no one is watching).

Sky-ku 5/16/20

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the morning blessing — to lift your hands to the sky / and watch clouds roll by (Notes: There is something so reassuring about watching clouds move in the sky. It doesn’t take long — I just look at them for five seconds or more, and their motion sinks in to my body. A peaceful and relaxed feeling, connected to … Read More

One-third Haiku 5/16/20

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Sun shines on new leaves (Notes: what can be more beautiful in nature than sun shining through new leaves? To look up, and see leaves shining like jewels against the blue sky. Within a few minutes I saw both the new green leaves and new red leaves. An amazing walk.)