Dancing on thin ice haiku, 2/15/20

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Put your right boot in / shake it all about — that’s how / you dance with the marsh (Notes: Usually when I see this patch of ice in the marsh, I poke it with a stick, my jo staff. I just like doing it. But today I had a special staff (bokutoh) that I didn’t want to mess with. … Read More

Haiku 2/15/20

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Those sunny cold days / and trouble that happens when / clouds get stuck in trees (Note: In my exercise with jo staff, I alternate lifting the staff to the sky and back down to earth. I was noticing the bare branches — it’s Winter after all, and also the dry brown grass on the ground when I brought the … Read More

Haiku 1/30/20

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Another sunrise / on the gold lit photo of / another sunset (Notes: One of the great discoveries I made after I moved into my new place was to see how amazing the sun looked shining through new gold curtains in the morning. That whole section of the room radiated gold. And on the wall I framed a photo from … Read More

Haiku 1/23/20

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winter lake shore walk —frozen rocks and icy waves / wintertime shining / (Notes: Lake Massapoag has been pretty amazing in the Winter. Once I overcome the reluctance to step out into the cold world, I discover things I’ve never seen before. The interplay of liquid water and frozen ice on top, especially when the sun comes out and makes … Read More

Haiku 1/22/20

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Overhead with sword / cut across the sky to see /what’s unexpected (Notes: After a run through the woods, settled in front of Lake Massapoag to work with the staff, a series of cuts in front of me and above me, using the staff as sword. Sometimes amazing things pop into view, and as I was cutting through the sky, … Read More

Pushups in the Woods Haiku, 1/19/20

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That evergreen sprig /getting closer and farther /closer and farther (Notes: this little patch of earth gets a lot of my attention over seasons — a pushups station on my running trail through the woods near Lake Massapoag. How often do we really get our faces close to the earth? When you’re doing pushups, it’s about as close as you … Read More

Up is down haiku, 1/9/20

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Clouds sunk down in pond —and some small creature kicking /ripples in the sky (Notes: This is the little frog pond on my running trail I like to visit to do some stretching and breathing midway on my run. A warm January day, and I was drawn to ripples in the water. What is it? I stepped closer, poked the … Read More

Blue Hills Haiku 1/7/20

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Hike up the Blue Hills /to find gravity still felt /by a frozen stream (Notes: A warm January day today — enough to make for an interesting mix of frozen and liquid. The Blue Hills hiking trail (red markers) travels over several large boulders, leading to all kinds of play with flowing water. I had been playing with the contrast … Read More

Haiku 1/1/20

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A new day’s blessings — two long legs for walking and /a very long stick (Notes: I was thinking my sunrise photos on the first day of the new decade would all be facing the sun rising over Lake Massapoag. But as I turned around, I discovered how amazingly long the shadows of my legs looked. And decided that’s a … Read More

Solstice Haiku, 12/21/19

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Gets dark so early — go run around with a stick / and catch the last rays (There’s a feeling I get looking at the sky, and especially such a beautiful sky, that is more expansive than whatever is currently bothering me. Looking at the sky can be a way of taking care of myself. And the staff extends my … Read More