With a Shaven Head

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ears are more prominent in shadows shirts catch on my stubble when I try to slip them on people keep advising me to put sunscreen on my head it’s a better look when I smile than have a worried look it’s very soothing to rub my head

Haiku 6/12/20

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Look up, it’s morning / the beads resting on rained leaves / and the clearing sky (Notes: my porch is a great place to stretch up to the sky in the morning, easy to walk out, lift my arms to the sky for a few minutes. Start the day with a connection to aspiration. And on this fresh morning, rain … Read More

Moments of ease…

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These are such crazy times…coronavirus, killing of George Floyd, protests, tear gassing for a needless photo op. And so on. But still to find moments of ease…Yesterday running with a stick at Moosehill Farm, something I’d never felt…each cut with the staff felt relaxing, warm, pleasant in my body. To find delight in simple movement through the world around me…

One-third Haiku 5/16/20

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Sun shines on new leaves (Notes: what can be more beautiful in nature than sun shining through new leaves? To look up, and see leaves shining like jewels against the blue sky. Within a few minutes I saw both the new green leaves and new red leaves. An amazing walk.)

One-third Haiku 5/8/20

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Two tulips in sun (Notes: who says haiku has to be 5-7-5 syllables in three lines? In fact, many practitioners don’t follow that rule — it’s more about capturing a moment briefly. Building a connection to nature (season word) and adding some twist. I’m starting to do “2/3 haiku” and here “1/3 haiku”. I’ll probably try out some other categories: … Read More

Morning haiku 5/8/20

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up after sunrise / reach to the sky greetings by / chlorophyll galore (Notes: Every morning I go out to the front porch and stretch my arms up to the sky for a minute or two. And as I finished my stretch a couple days ago, I looked over and caught a glimpse of incredible green rows of these newly … Read More