Quarantine Social Life Haiku, 3/22/20

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Such a firm body / reaching high and still rooted — time to hug a tree (Notes: what can I say? We’re all so social and connected, and suddenly from nowhere, in person-connection pulled from our days. Yes, we find ways to connect, doing a lot of dance on Zoom, happy hours with friends connected electronically in our separate homes. … Read More

Haiku 3/22/10

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Still running through woods / but with social distancing / from my own shadow (Notes: I was struck by the shadow of my own head on the small tree in the foreground as I was running by. My own shadow in the deep woods — a lot of material for poetry in there. We hear the phrase “social distancing” so … Read More

Haiku 2/16/20

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they’re still coming up / ignoring all quarantine / their emerald glow (Notes: this is one of my favorite things in springtime — to see the sun light up leaves in an emerald glow. I’ve written about it before and will write again…(https://travelswithastick.org/jewel-words-shining-in-the-world/ ). But now, especially at this time where the world seems to get more isolated all the … Read More

Haiku 1/30/20

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Another sunrise / on the gold lit photo of / another sunset (Notes: One of the great discoveries I made after I moved into my new place was to see how amazing the sun looked shining through new gold curtains in the morning. That whole section of the room radiated gold. And on the wall I framed a photo from … Read More