Almost Rumi

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I couldn’t think of a haiku for this, but it would have had something to do with isolation and finding inspiration or longing in nature, with an eye toward the poetry of Rumi. It would have been good.

Dedicating a Practice to Joe Zawieski

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I’ve been thinking of our instructor and friend Joe, a couple years after his death now. This morning when I practiced Diamond 8 Cut, I dedicated that practice, those swings of the wooden sword, to him. To dedicate the movements drew me to a deeper level, reaching up into the blue sky, looking for some change or transformation. I found … Read More

Haiku 6/25/20

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radiate anywhere —beams of light, full round clouds / at Shaw’s parking lot (Note: I know, I know. This isn’t 5-7-5 syllable pattern. Doesn’t matter. I wanted to get the phrase “radiate anywhere” in on the opening line. It makes me happy.)

With a Shaven Head

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ears are more prominent in shadows shirts catch on my stubble when I try to slip them on people keep advising me to put sunscreen on my head it’s a better look when I smile than have a worried look it’s very soothing to rub my head