Haiku 1/23/20

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winter lake shore walk —frozen rocks and icy waves / wintertime shining / (Notes: Lake Massapoag has been pretty amazing in the Winter. Once I overcome the reluctance to step out into the cold world, I discover things I’ve never seen before. The interplay of liquid water and frozen ice on top, especially when the sun comes out and makes … Read More

Up is down haiku, 1/9/20

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Clouds sunk down in pond —and some small creature kicking /ripples in the sky (Notes: This is the little frog pond on my running trail I like to visit to do some stretching and breathing midway on my run. A warm January day, and I was drawn to ripples in the water. What is it? I stepped closer, poked the … Read More

Blue Hills Haiku 1/7/20

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Hike up the Blue Hills /to find gravity still felt /by a frozen stream (Notes: A warm January day today — enough to make for an interesting mix of frozen and liquid. The Blue Hills hiking trail (red markers) travels over several large boulders, leading to all kinds of play with flowing water. I had been playing with the contrast … Read More

Lake Massapoag Haiku 2, 12/20/19

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Not the big waves that / crash on shore — the little ones / reach and pull you in (Notes: it was so peaceful sitting at the Lake watching this at sunset. Mesmerizing. My friend Cyril from Shintaido UK commented on facebook “…sweetly singing sirens (Tales of brave Ulysesses)”. And I think that might be what’s going on here…the sirens … Read More

Lake Massapoag Haiku, 12/20/19

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Walk by the lake’s shore / look down at iced pebbles and / find the lake’s heartbeat (Notes: This haiku was one of the most liked that I’ve posted on the Sharon What’s Up facebook group, and I think it’s because it’s such a striking image that leads up to the phrase “lake’s heartbeat.” The lake becomes magical in the … Read More

First time with fire sword

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This weekend had my first experience swinging the blazing fire sword, as they say, my “virgin burn.” I hadn’t planned on it, had just mentioned to friend Jessie Jewels, who teaches “flow arts,” including the fire hoop, that I’d like to try the fire sword sometime.  “Let’s do it now!” she replied. So there it was, my first time with … Read More

Experiencing the Total Eclipse 2017

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(timelapse video above) I happened to be in the right place at the right time (after sifting through last minute weather forecasts) to experience the total eclipse at nearly the maximum length: 2 minutes and 33 seconds. In our case, we ended up outside an old graveyard in the rolling sandhills outside Arnold, Nebraska. A perfect place, perfect time, perfect … Read More

Shintaido Demo at the Japan Festival, West Hartford, CT

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A pleasure to participate in the Japan Festival this weekend with longtime friends and Shintaido practitioners. The video shows a some of our movements, and ways we use them to connect with others and with nature — central themes in Shintaido. It was my first time wearing the hakama, the multi-pleated pants worn by instructor-level practitioners — grateful for help from instructors … Read More