Pedaling Fast, Expressing into Nature

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It’s a gorgeous time of year to ride a bike on nature trails, golden leaves shining. After heavy rains this last week, also a challenging time to ride a bike on nature trails. On my usual path, two trees fell across each other creating a narrow passage that I had to duck down low to pass through. Over the usual … Read More

There goes the man with the stick

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shadow in front of pond with stick

I’m searching for the name for the feeling, when you learn you’ve been admired and anticipated for your daily routines…and had no idea they were even being observed. I was down at Mann’s Pond last week with my staff, as I often am, practicing the sword movements that connect me with abundant nature. (Diamond 8 Cut in Shintaido). A young … Read More

Zoom with Ito Sensei: Requiem

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In this time of Covid-19, one of the unexpected positive outcomes is that I can now meet with an international community of Shintaido practitioners nearly on a moments notice from my living room. Today Ito Sensei led the 2nd in his series of the form Taimyo Kata, with a theme “Requiem”, in rememberence of the 75th Anniversary of the atomic … Read More

Fire Sword Duel

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Suddenly I was doing fire swords with Dave C., after safety training from Jessie J., and years of practice with the staff. The body can heal from flame.

Lineup of sticks

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It feels good to care for sticks. They feel good in your hands, and help keep you healthy. (Who knows, maybe they’ll add a few years to my life?) So, a couple times a year, I oil them, to shine them up and keep them from getting dry with splinters. I’m happy to see the sticks.

You Enter the Sword

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Part of my morning routine at Mann’s Pond — an exercise where you imagine you are entering the sword/staff, then the staff entering you (hoshi otoshi in Shintaido). In beautiful nature, you are entering the world, the world is entering you.

Dedicating a Practice to Joe Zawieski

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I’ve been thinking of our instructor and friend Joe, a couple years after his death now. This morning when I practiced Diamond 8 Cut, I dedicated that practice, those swings of the wooden sword, to him. To dedicate the movements drew me to a deeper level, reaching up into the blue sky, looking for some change or transformation. I found … Read More