Haiku 5/8/20

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looking for refuge / then just feast your eyes on the / luminous tulip (Notes: I was awestruck when I saw this tulip catching the late afternoon sun. Lit up like a jewel…and not just the tulip, but the green leaves growing from it. I remember Thich Nhat Hahn’s saying: “I take refuge in the present moment.” In times of … Read More

Morning haiku 5/8/20

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up after sunrise / reach to the sky greetings by / chlorophyll galore (Notes: Every morning I go out to the front porch and stretch my arms up to the sky for a minute or two. And as I finished my stretch a couple days ago, I looked over and caught a glimpse of incredible green rows of these newly … Read More

The traveling poet: “Cutting Sky”

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The highlight of my day: coming across a poet-for-hire GennaRose Nethercott at the District Hall anniversary celebration tonight…I showed her this photo of me playing with jo staff and sky, and in about 3 minutes or less, she typed up this free verse poem: Cutting Sky Take up your sword, felled from a tree which grew into the swelling earth. … Read More

Barefoot and rolling around in the grass

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It’s one of those sunny October days that feels like an early September day, doing keiko (Shintaido practice) outside, barefoot under a blue sky. It’s an old-timey practice, without sticks, doing some of the roots movements, going down on our knees, cutting our partner, rolling. To be honest, knee walking and rolling are not my favorites. More of a shorter, Japanese body … Read More