Knocking down the stars: Perseid meteor shower

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Went out tonight for the remnants of the annual Perseid meteor shower.  I’ve started a tradition where I take my boh (or jo) out, and practice the activity “knocking down the stars” during the meteor shower. The form is to slowly turn the boh overhead in the sky, making circles above, and knocking down the stars. (See my crude drawing).

This was my third attempt during a meteor shower, and the first where I actually saw a meteor.  No matter on the other two — it’s quite an experience to go out in the dark in a quiet field (overlooking the lake in my case) and spend 30 minutes or so communing with the stars. Perspectives change — after a while, I felt like I was upside down, stirring the sky above/below with the jo, extending my body as I stirred.  And that’s when I saw the first meteor tonight. Wonderful bright flash across the sky, I could almost hear it.

And saw a second meteor tonight while doing tenshinghoso (5 part meditative movement) with the small bokken sword Ito sensei brought back from France. It was a small, distant meteor and its gentle (and less dramatic) appearance reminded me to soften and relax. (The little fellow made me happy).

And, third, I closed my eyes in wakame meditation, trying to be receptive and aware of any other meteors. Saw one in my mind’s eye anyway.

knocking down the stars

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