Mandalas from fallen leaves…

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acorn berry mandala

I was inspired by an article in the Boston Globe this morning about flower farmer Melissa Glorieux, who creates mandalas from leaves, twigs, and other things found in the woods. Great idea! There are so many visually interesting things on a walk (or run) through the woods.  I noticed some little red berries on the ground on the walk out to my work cabin, and of course acorns all over the place.  A branch from a birch tree had fallen by the town lake…and there we have it — a mandala.

I put it on a tree stump just before my cabin — I walk by it several times a day and it reminds me of the places around.

We’ll see what the squirrels and chipmunks make of it — they are participating too (or not, based on this haiku below).

Haiku 9/21/16:

Chipmunks and squirrels:

Keep your little paws

off my mandala.


The original story in the Boston Globe is here.

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