Extending our reach: cutting the sky

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Last week, we continued our exploration of the boh — what it feels like to work with it and some simple movements to warm up with. One theme we started to explore was “cutting.” Cutting is one of the basic themes in Shintaido, and you can do it a number of ways: with the boh, with the bokutoh (wooden sword), … Read More

Our first class: handling the boh

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Our first practice, by the lake, shade and breeze, on the longest day of the year.  Not a bad start!… Today we focused in our class on a few themes we’ll be visiting throughout the course: 1) handling the boh — what does it feel like? What momentum does it have? How do different bohs feel different?  2) using the … Read More

20 years later, I’m teaching a class…

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After twenty some years of practice, I’m happy to be teaching an introductory class to Shintaido boh staff.  Shintaido is an exercise/martial art developed in Japan from traditional martial arts, though focuses more on group activities, personal expression, and connection to nature. This new 8 week course will focus on exercise with the 6 foot boh (which will be provided) … Read More

ACM Conference: Pecha Kucha, Swords, and Exhibits

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Gave my first Pecha Kucha presentation a couple nights ago at the Association of Children’s Museums annual conference in Philly. The session, organized by the ever savvy duo Paul Orselli and Peter Exley, allowed half a dozen or so of us to show 20 slides for 20 seconds each. And that’s it. I talked about (or tried to talk about … Read More

Fit Yoga Magazine Shoot

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While we’re still in the month of March, I have to mention there’s a photo of me in the current issue of Fit Yoga magazine, demonstrating Shintaido, which I’ve been practicing for about 15 years. (In the magazine, I’m in the background on a Cape Cod beach, swinging a 6 foot staff called a “boh” over my head). What’s the connection … Read More